Airport Services

Airport visitors will notice that a trip to FWA is a bit different than a trip to most airports. We want you to feel welcome at our airport, so we’ve gone the extra mile to make your time at FWA as pleasant as possible. Here are just some of the perks you’ll notice:

  • Free wireless internet throughout the terminal
  • Business Center - Post Security on second floor
  • Free half hour of parking in all parking lots
  • Children’s play area - Post Security
  • Sensory Room - Post Security
  • Mothers Nursing Rooms - Post Security
  • Complimentary curbside luggage assistance from our Customer Service Agents
  • Full-service restaurant, bar, and coffee shop - Post Security - more info here
  • Gift shop - Post Security
  • Indoor Pet Relief Area - Post Security on first floor and second floor
  • ATM (Three Rivers Credit Union) - Pre-Security located at the Welcome Center
  • USPS Mailbox located outside of door C on the north side of the terminal drive
  • Not to mention what we are most famous for: Welcoming incoming passengers to Fort Wayne with a fresh baked cookie! If a Host is not on-duty when you arrive, those famous cookies can still be found in the Cookie Kiosk at the Security exit!

FWA 44


The Fort Wayne Airport Customer Service Agents are able to provide assistance to passengers 7 days a week from 5am - last arriving flight. We strongly recommend scheduling a shuttle ride, wheelchair assistance, or luggage assistance 48 hours in advance to ensure that personnel are available. We cannot guarantee assistance with less than a 48-hour notice, but we will try our best to accommodate. We are able to accept requests via the forms linked below or over the phone at 260-458-4017.

Shuttle Assistance request here.

Wheelchair and/or Luggage Assistance request here.

The Welcome Center at FWA

We are currently in the process of reactivating our Hospitality Host Program after its suspension due to COVID-19. At this time Hosts are scheduled on a limited basis as we work to fill volunteer positions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. As an airport community we are all doing our best to ensure that the safety of our volunteers and the traveling public is our highest priority. We look forward to bringing this service back full-force to our community! If you are interested in volunteering at the airport, please contact Lexi Thomas, Customer Experience Supervisor at or 260-446-3433.

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Hospitality PAWS

It’s no secret that air travel can be stressful for many people. Hospitality PAWS is Fort Wayne International Airport’s answer to the stress that passengers may feel when beginning their trips. FWA aims to give passengers a calm and comforting travel experience through a group of fully insured and highly trained certified therapy dogs and handlers.

FWA’s Hospitality PAWS program is currently made up of four handler/dog teams, with each dog being a different breed and possessing a unique personality. The PAWS teams come to the airport multiple times a week for two-hour shifts, with more frequent visits during higher traffic seasons such as the holidays and spring break. All of the therapy dog teams are certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Hospitality PAWS handlers and dogs will be wearing nametags - say hi if you see a volunteer team working in the terminal!

If you have any questions about the Hospitality PAWS Program, please contact Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist.