Parking & Transportation

*The Terminal Drive continues to be impacted by construction. A small portion of the Terminal Drive is now open for passenger drop-off and throughput traffic. Directional signage and barriers are in place to help navigate the changing traffic flow. FWA Customer Service Agents, Public Safety Officers, and other staff will be placed along the temporary Terminal Drive to assist with the flow of traffic and offer help to passengers as-needed. We appreciate your patience as we work towards making FWA an even better airport for our community!

We understand that there is more to travel than just getting on your flight, so that is why at FWA, we offer close, convenient parking at reasonable rates to make your travel experience as simple as possible.

The Parking lot at FWA is operated by REEF. All parking lots have now transitioned to credit card-only payments, and Valet service has been discontinued. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the parking lots, please contact them directly at (260) 449-5151.

Did you lose your ticket? Please see the attendant at the Short Term/Long Term Lots' exit plaza.

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Ground Transportation
Alamo Rent a Car logo svg

Reservations: 800-227-7368
FWA Office: 260-747-1622
American Rent-A-Car

Phone: 260-740-3234

Reservations: 800-331-1212
FWA Office: 260-747-2471

Reservations: 800-527-7000
FWA Office: 260-478-2507
North Office near SMD: 260-478-2507

Reservations: 800-736-8222
FWA Office: 260-478-4576
North office near SMD - *Preferred Provider*: 260-482-2662