Last Updated: March 23, 2023 9:25 am
Origin Airline Flight Scheduled Status Updated
Orlando/Sanford G41243 08:23 AM Arrived 08:23 AM
Philadelphia AA6043 10:32 AM Early 10:09 AM
Chicago AA5003 12:10 PM On Time 12:10 PM
Chicago UA5449 12:43 PM On Time 12:43 PM
Charlotte AA5931 1:12 PM On Time 1:12 PM
Las Vegas G480 1:39 PM On Time 1:39 PM
Atlanta DL3983 1:45 PM Late 3:01 PM
Chicago AA6133 3:24 PM On Time 3:24 PM
Chicago UA5401 4:03 PM On Time 4:03 PM
Charlotte AA6115 4:41 PM On Time 4:41 PM
Dallas/Fort Worth AA3089 5:16 PM On Time 5:16 PM
Punta Gorda G4920 6:42 PM On Time 6:42 PM
St. Petersburg G4999 8:33 PM On Time 8:33 PM
Minneapolis/St.Paul DL3771 8:39 PM On Time 8:39 PM
Chicago UA5648 8:43 PM On Time 8:43 PM
Atlanta DL3885 9:33 PM On Time 9:33 PM
Charlotte AA6121 10:14 PM On Time 10:14 PM
Dallas/Fort Worth AA3134 10:28 PM On Time 10:28 PM

Today's Arrivals and Departures from FWA can be seen above. Please note that schedules may change without notice. For up-to-date flight information, contact the airline websites. All times shown are local time. Fort Wayne is on Eastern Time.