Fort Wayne International Airport

If the top 3 criteria for selecting real estate are: location, location, location, then you have just found a site that rates “Location plus.” Fort Wayne is situated at the hub of nine major cities with: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dayton, Louisville and Columbus, all within a 200 mile radius. So when you locate at FWA you are placing yourself in the middle of the nation’s business network.

Extend that radius to 500 miles and you’ve covered territory that approximately one-third of the U.S. population and two-thirds of the Canadian population calls home. All within a one-day drive or two hour flight from Fort Wayne International Airport.

Clearly FWA offers a prime location, but how do we rate a “plus”?

FWA also offers these benefits:

FWA currently has two areas available for development. The Air Trade Center – a 450 acre site zoned heavy industrial for aviation-related enterprise and the Kelley Commerce Aero Centré – a 109 acre site zoned for light industrial, non-aviation and aviation uses.

FWA is aggressively working with local government to develop land and open up opportunities for new industry. We focus on taking care of our tenants and their customers, keeping costs down and making it easy to do business with us. Contact us today to take your business to A Whole New Altitude.

Smith Field Airport

Smith Field Airport (SMD) is situated on 236 acres of land approximately 5 miles north of downtown Fort Wayne and serves Northeast Indiana’s general aviation community.

SMD’s region is distinguished by its diverse economy. Once known simply for its agricultural strength, America’s heartland is now recognized to be a cutting edge leader in many fields. For instance, Warsaw, Indiana - just 35 miles from SMD - is known to be the orthopedics capital of the world. Our region also boasts world renowned national defense contractors, advanced manufacturing, electronics, healthcare, logistics, pharmaceutical, and financial service companies.

In 2007, Smith Field Airport received FAA approval of its Airport Layout Plan. This cleared the way for future development at the airport. For more information on development opportunities at Smith Field Airport, contact Property Development at (260) 446-3447 or