Fort Wayne International Airport Urges Passengers to Arrive Early for Flights as TSA Technology is Updated

Katie Robinson  ·  March 2022

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is urging passengers to arrive at least two hours early for their flights, regardless of airline, as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) upgrades technology and equipment at the FWA TSA checkpoint.

Passengers flying outbound between today, Friday, March 4 and Thursday, March 10 are encouraged to give themselves plenty of extra time when arriving at the airport so that TSA staff can process everyone through the checkpoint in a timely manner. TSA will be upgrading equipment used for carry-on baggage screening. The new equipment will allow for passengers to have their carry-on bags screened without having to remove items such as laptops and liquids from their bag before the screening process, allowing for a more efficient TSA screening process overall.

TSA will be operating with two lanes throughout the weekend utilizing both current and new screening systems with moderate delays anticipated. Beginning the morning of Tuesday, March 8 through Thursday, March 10 the checkpoint will be down to one available screening lane while the second new screening mechanism is installed and tested, creating the potential for more extensive delays through the checkpoint. The TSA checkpoint will have additional staff available to assist with the screening of passengers, and the checkpoint will open at 4:15 a.m. to accommodate for wait times for early morning passengers.

FWA appreciates passengers’ patience and understanding as TSA works to bring a better screening process to the airport.

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