Fort Wayne International Airport Resumes Valet Parking Service

Katie Robinson  ·  December 2022

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Passengers at Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) will once again have the opportunity to utilize valet parking services at the airport.

As of yesterday, Monday, December 12, 2022, FWA now once again offers passengers curbside valet parking to make it even more convenient to fly local, and get in and out of the airport.

Valet Parking was previously a service offered at FWA before the pandemic. Like many programs, Valet Parking was paused out of caution for passengers and staff. With the ongoing West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project Valet Parking services now has a permanent location inside the airport’s terminal building, which is now able to be opened.

“The Airport Authority is excited to welcome back Valet Parking at our Airport’s Terminal Building. This service is yet another way to show that we focus on the customer and convenience making flying out of FWA an easy decision,” said Scott Hinderman, Executive Director of Airports.

Taking advantage of Valet Parking is simple for passengers. Passengers will be able to pre-arrange the service by utilizing REEF’s phone number, 1-877-392-0035, or by pulling up to the curb. Passengers will pull their vehicle up to the Valet Parking area along the terminal drive at the curb front and provide the attendant with their flight information. The attendant will then take the passengers keys and park their vehicle. Once the passenger returns, the Valet Parking attendant will have their vehicle ready and waiting along the curb. Passengers can also download the “Get Valet” app to make updates to their reservation.

FWA’s Valet Parking Service is available to all passengers. For the first 30-days of the service’s return, there is a special rate of $14 a day. Passengers can contact the FWA Valet Parking Service at 1-877-392-0035.

More information regarding this new service, along with other parking information, can be found at