Fort Wayne International Airport Prepares for Holiday Travel, Opens Terminal Drive to Passengers

Katie Robinson  ·  November 2022

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is preparing for an increase in passenger traffic as the holiday season quickly approaches. In conjunction with the holiday travel season, another major portion of the airport’s ongoing West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project has been completed with the long-awaited reopening of the airport’s terminal drive to traffic.

FWA’s Terminal Drive has been closed to traffic since July 2021, with passenger pick-up, drop-off, and through traffic routed through temporary drives. Now passengers and those visiting the airport will once again be able to utilize the full terminal drive, with passenger loading and unloading able to be done right at the curb once again. The terminal drive has undergone an extensive facelift as a part of exterior façade upgrades to the terminal building. The improved curb front includes an extended canopy covering all three lanes of traffic, color changing LED lights, and a rolled curb style to help those with mobility issues. Most entrances into the terminal building from the curb are now open as well, while some continue to undergo construction.

In addition to the terminal drive and curb front being back open to traffic, FWA’s rental car facilities are also back open to full capacity. With the new curb front comes a new rental car return lane – located at the front of the terminal building. Those returning rental cars can find signage along the terminal drive directing them where to go.

“With the welcomed wave of holiday travel over the next few days, and weeks, we are happy to have the terminal drive back open to traffic.” Said Scott Hinderman, Executive Director of Airports. “Not only does this make for a smoother airport experience for everyone, it also makes for a great first impression for those visiting friends and family this holiday season. We are proud of the new terminal drive and curb front.”

While the opening of the terminal drive brings back a level of convenience FWA is known for, passengers are also reminded to be prepared when traveling this holiday season to keep their trips as easy as possible. FWA recommends that passengers arrive 90-minutes before their scheduled departure when flying with American, Delta, and United, and two hours prior to departure if traveling with Allegiant. Those traveling with food items and gifts as a part of their celebrations can utilize the TSA website to make sure they are following proper security protocols.

To celebrate the holiday season and make travel a little extra merry, FWA will also have a number of activities for passengers to enjoy throughout the holiday season including the popular “Letters to Santa” station, a hot chocolate bar, celebrating National Cookie Day, holiday card decorating, and more. Exact days and times for activities are at the discretion of Airport staff. Stay tuned to FWA social media for updates.