Fort Wayne International Airport
Fort Wayne International Airport

Aviation Museum

The Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum Has Moved To Improve 

Why did the Museum move?
The Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum has moved from its previous location on the second floor of the FWA terminal building in order to make the Museum more accessbile to passengers and the community. It will find a new home on the first floor, landside area of the terminal in the coming months in a new and improved display.

Where did everything go?
The historical memorabilia can still be found locally in Fort Wayne. Aviation memorabilia can be found at the History Center located in downtown Fort Wayne. Military memorabilia has been moved to the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum located on Oday Road.

What will the new Aviation Museum offer?
The new version of the Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum will be an all-digital adventure into Fort Wayne aviation history coupled with an augmented reality experience. Visitors will be able to fly Art Smith's plane, listen in and react to a World War II aviation control tower, and fly as a copilot with a famous female aviation pioneer from our area.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Please contact Greg Bosk, President of the Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum at