Fort Wayne International Airport
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Badges & Driver Training

SIDA Badge

An airport badge is required for all employees and tenants working/operating inside the air operations area (AOA) and any contractors performing work unescorted.  The badging process encompasses several steps and generally takes several days to be completed, so please plan to allow ample time to complete the process before needing to use your badge.  The badging process is as follows:

  • Step 1 - Pay for your badge in the Airport Authority Office (located on the second floor of the terminal)
  • Step 2 - First trip to the Public Safety Department (PSD) located at 3808 Winters Rd (Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm).
    • Bring your completed Access Control Media Application.  Make sure your supervisor/leaser has signed the application, without this signature your application cannot be processed.
    • If your supervisor wants you to receive escorting privileges, you will need to have the Escort Procedures Form completed.  This must also be signed by your supervisor.
    • Bring two forms of identification.  For a full list of acceptable documentation review the TSA approved document list.
  • Step 3 - Second trip to the Public Safety Department located at 3808 Winters Rd (Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm).  You will be notified by PSD or your supervisor when your application process has reached step 3.
    • NON-SIDA badge applicants- your badge will be printed upon your arrival.
    • SIDA badge applicants- you will have to complete the SIDA training and successfully pass a test.  This process can take up to an hour, so please plan accordingly.
  • If your badge will be endorsed for driving privileges, you will need to complete a driver test at the Airport Operations Office
    • Must bring your Airport issued Badge with you
    • You need to review the appropriate manual prior to testing
    • Must pass the test with a 90% or higher

Driver’s Training tests

All badged individuals who will be receiving Driving Privileges will be required to take a written recurrent driver’s test annually. Your supervisor will be contacted by the Airport Operations Department when you are due for testing. You must pass the test with a 90% to keep your privileges. If you fail to take your recurrent test within the month that you are due, your badge will be deactivated.

  • Location: Airport Operations Office, 3801 W. Ferguson Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809. On the West end of the Terminal.
  • Testing are available Monday-Thursday 6:30am-11pm & Friday-Sunday 6:30am-2pm. Appointments are highly recommended. Contact Operations at (260) 446-3434 or

For Supervisors/Tenants - PSD must have an updated copy of your organization's Authorized Signatory/s.  If you are needing to add an individual or update your current signatories, fill out the Authorized Signatory Form and return to PSD.

Access Control Media Application
Movement - Drivers Training Manual
Non-Movement - Drivers Training Manual