Fort Wayne International Airport
Airport Authority

Other Airport Employers

Please note that the Airport Authority hires only for its own positions. The Airport Authority has a tenant relationship with many other employers (i.e., airlines, car rentals, passenger screening, control tower, restaurant/gift shop, fixed base operators, cargo carriers, and other employers). All these employers do their own hiring and must be contacted individually.

  • If you’re interested in working for an airline (counter person, luggage handlers, etc), visit their websites for open employment opportunities and to apply online. For Delta Global Services (who operates both Delta and United flights from FWA) visit and for American Eagle visit
  • If you're interested in working at the airport restaurant, coffee shop, or gift shop, contact First Class Concessions at 260-747-4189.
  • If you have an interest in working for a car rental agency, contact the manager at the airport counters. A list of these numbers can be found on our Ground Transportation page.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, you may want to visit :
  • The federal government hires for the TSA passenger screening on their website:
  • If you are interested in working at an airport, but not necessarily Fort Wayne International, or you have a general interest in aviation careers, you may want to check out the following websites:  and

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