Fort Wayne International Airport
Airport Authority

Emergency Services

Passenger safety is a priority at Fort Wayne International Airport, which is why we staff our very own Public Safety Department (PSD). The Airport PSD is staffed 24 hours each day to provide law enforcement, firefighting and emergency medical services to customers and facilities at the Airport.  Airport Public Safety Officers are cross trained to provide the help that is needed to keep customers and the public safe while on airport property.

In the event of an aircraft incident, structure fire, or other emergency our airport public safety department responds immediately. PSD will also activate firefighting or medical mutual aid assistance as needed from the Indiana Air National Guard, City of Fort Wayne, the Allen County Police and Fire Departments, or the Indiana State Police. This type of community partnership provides a greater first responder crew strength and paramedic level medical assistance at the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Airport Public Safety Department
3808 Winters Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809

Other Area Emergency Services

Fort Wayne Police Department
(260) 427-1222

Allen County Police Department
(260) 449-7440

Indiana State Police
(260) 432-8661