Fort Wayne International Airport
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The Airport Authority loves to partner with local educators to share the wonder of flight with others. 
You will find many useful resources on this page to help develop your aviation curriculum, including a variety of age appropriate activities and an extensive aviation reading list – broken down by age group – that will compliment any lesson plan.

To take your lesson plans to A Whole New Altitude, contact us to arrange a tour of the airport. 


Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily suspended tours of all Airport Authority work stations and buildings. The status of Airport tours will be reavaluated as we continue to navigate through COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding!

A tremendous amount of aviation education activities are available on the internet.  The following websites represent just a few sites that teachers may find of interest:

Allen County Public Library Children's Services

AvScholars: Students Gateway to Aviation
Links to sites with a wide variety of aviation education activities

Education World
Hands-on activities in lesson plan format, includes a section on women in aviation

FAA Kid’s Corner: Federal Aviation Administration
Many activities including coloring pages, games, puzzles, experiments

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Free classroom resources and teacher guides, including a section on African-American aviators

Heli-Hound: Helicopter Association International
Heli-Hound is a science, math, and technology rich program for kindergarten through second grade students. Students pretend they are members of a large workforce needed to launch Heli-Hound's helicopter on its way to fly a medical team, rescue people or fight crime.