Fort Wayne International Airport
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Tenants can now pay rent online

FWA & SMD T-hangar tenants can now pay rent online

If you have been looking around on our new website, you may have noticed that one of the new features available allows T-hangar tenants to pay their rent online. This feature can be found under the "Airport Business" heading and by selecting "T-hangar Rentals." Once on this page there is a big blue link to "Pay your rental invoice online!"

While this may not mean much to the general traveler heading to visit grandma in Florida, it does make it much easier for our tenants to quickly submit payments from the comfort of their home or business, and it makes it easy on the Airport Authority accounting department to quickly process payments. The less time it takes for these tasks, the more time tenants can enjoy flying their planes and the accounting staff can work on other projects.

This is just one of the ways small ways the Airport Authority is taking service to A Whole New Altitude. We hope you enjoy this great new feature! 

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