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Now schedule shuttle pick-ups online

Now schedule shuttle pick-ups online

Fort Wayne International Airport is always striving to take service to A Whole New Altitude – that is why we have an amazing new feature on our website! Passengers who fly from FWA can now schedule a shuttle pick-up at their vehicle online at!

As you may already know, the Airport Authority employs Customer Service Agents (CSAs) who drive people to and from and parking lots in an electric shuttle vehicle for FREE.  The problem some passengers have encountered, however, is that they need a ride from their vehicle to the terminal building when they arrive for their outbound flight. Since the CSAs don’t make regular scheduled trips through the parking lots like larger airports, many passengers don’t have the opportunity to grab the shuttle and then have to walk long distances from the parking lots to the terminal building.

Now with our new online form, passengers can schedule a pick up at their car to have a shuttle bring them and their luggage right to the terminal building from the parking lots. Travelers just need to enter their contact information, arrival date and time, the parking lot they will be parking in, and the make and model of their vehicle. Once the form is submitted, the CSAs will receive a notification of the pick-up and will be looking for the passenger when he or she arrives. (It is suggested that travelers schedule their pick-up 24-hours in advance to allow the staff to get the notification.)

We are excited to offer this new feature, and we hope our passengers enjoy it. Let us know if you use this new shuttle request form and if you like the new service!

Click to view the new Shuttle Request Form

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