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Display your art in the airport

Display your art in the airport

Fort Wayne International Airport is currently seeking artists to display their artwork in the galleries at the airport for the 2014 & 2015 calendar years as part of the “Art in the Airport” program. The “Art in the Airport” initiative is a completely free program - the airport does not charge artists to display their work nor does it take any commission on pieces sold. Artwork is displayed on a quarterly basis (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, and Oct-Dec) in the large gallery on the secured side of the terminal (near the air museum) and in the small gallery on the non-secured side of the terminal (near the ticket counters).

At this time, the program is limited to hanging, framed artwork and photography (no sculptures, pottery, jewelry, or large installations). Artists should have at least 30 pieces to fill both galleries, and every piece should be framed and labeled. (Artists that do not have 30 pieces may collaborate with other artists for the display.) Artists are also highly encouraged to create a bio poster with contact information so that any inquires regarding the artwork can be directed to the artist.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please complete the online entry form (link below). Please include a short bio about yourself, your contact information, 3-5 photos of your work (or a link to your website), and your quarter preference. Submissions for this program will be collected until October 31, 2013. A panel will review all submissions and then select the 2014-2015 lineup. All artists (selected or not) will be notified by mid-November of the panel’s decision. Artists not selected may be considered again at the next open call.

For pictures of past displays, check out the albums on the FWA Facebook page. You can also download the flyer for the program here, and share it with anyone you think may be interested.

Submit your "Art in the Airport" entry here!

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