Fort Wayne International Airport
Airport Authority

Public Notice

Notice of Intenet to Impose and Use Passenger Facility Charges (PFC's)

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority (the Authority) intends to file a new application with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to impose and use additional PFC’s at Fort Wayne International Airport (the Airport).

In its application to the FAA, the Authority intends to impose and use $3,605,585 in PFC’s to pay the allowable costs for the following additional projects with estimated PFC’s enclosed in parentheses: terminal ramp reconstruction/expansion ($678,349); and the west terminal renovation/expansion design ($2,927,236).

Read the full document here - Notice of Intent to Impost and Use PAssenger Facility Charges (PFC's)

Public comments can be mailed directly to:
Scott D. Hinderman, Executive Director of Airports
Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority  
3801 W. Ferguson Road
Suite 209
Fort Wayne, IN 46809